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    This month I decided to deviate from my original plan to review books that I use everyday and throw in one or two that I enjoyed reading just for fun.

    I was at the library the other day and this book literally jumped off the shelf at me. As I started to read, it struck a chord with me that I felt I had to pass on. Its no secret that B.B. King is one of my guitar  hero’s and this book just solidified for me why.

    It was awesome to hear him talk about his life journey towards a passion that he truly felt destined to fulfill, “The Blues”. It is a story of hard work, heart break, and never giving up on your dream. A truly inspiring book.

    On an entertaining note it was most interesting to hear his take on musicians, like T-Bone Walker, and Blind Lemon who had such an impact on his life and style. If you are a fan of the blues you will be nothing short of amazed at who he rubbed shoulders with and might change your perception  that maybe Memphis not Chicago could be considered the home of the Blues. Well at the very least show how Memphis played a huge roll in the lives and careers of many great musicians.

    It is an easy read and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

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