Fly Tying Workstation

Here is an awesome way to re-purpose  antique furniture and get an awesome Fly Tying Workstation in the process.

We had an old Singer sewing machine and stand sitting in a corner of the house as a decoration and over the holidays it occurred to me that this would make an awesome Fly Tying bench.

I had always wanted a roll top desk for my fly tying and just never considered anything else. So far I have found this sewing machine stand very accommodating and have been able to stow away most of my fly tying equipment in the side drawers.

I love giving new life to something from the past and feel some how connected with the original owner creating or repairing clothes for their family. Now I get to give it purpose creating art and fly’s for myself and friends.

If you have one of these beauties lying around I hope this inspires you to give this wonderful piece of furniture a new lease on life.

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