Why Infinity Jars

Why should I use Infinity Jars?

As promised I thought everyone would be interested in some of the science behind what Infinity Jars are all about, here is what they have to say.

“Infinity Jars are the premium solution for ANY of your storage needs. Our signature Ultraviolet Glass line is made of quality deep purple glass and are sanitized and treated with a dual coating process. The unique pigment filters out harmful natural light that accelerates decay, allowing UV-A and Infrared through, which preserves the bio-energy and potency of your goods.”

Here is one of the tests they did which really has me interested in their products.

I will be trying this with my latest fresh BBQ rub to see how things turn out and will keep everyone posted. But at this stage I am very impressed with the quality of the glass and the seal inside the lids are of good quality as well. Anyone making custom lotions and salves could take their packaging and presentation up to the next level with these jars. Yes this will mean you will need to charge a little bit more, but if you educate the customer about the benefits of these jars it might turn into an added selling feature. I would then offer an incentive to customers that bring back the jar to have refilled, which could very well help increase your repeat customer business.

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