Infinity Jars

I was excited a couple weeks ago when a representative from Infinity Jars contacted me and inquired about working together to provide our customers and subscribers the highest quality glass storage containers on the market.

This peaked my interest as I store a wide range of very expensive rare herbs that need a shelf stable environment. Proper storage of these very sensitive herbs helps keep them fresh and locks in potency that is so important with medicinal herbs.

So I was pretty excited when my parcel came the other day. I was very impressed with how well they were packaged and the little extra’s like labels and special cleaning cloth that they had included. Upon closer inspection the Infinity Jars do have that sense and feel of high quality glass. They remind me of a darker version of a high grade blue apothecary glass container.

I can’t wait to put some of my fresh herbs in them and see how they perform. I will also be testing them with some of my medicinal ointments to see how long they will extend the shelf life of that product as well.

My next post will give you a better idea of what Infinity Jars are all about and what makes them different from the rest

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