Hole Saw

Was busy building cigar box Amps today and found that I was always dragging out my Hole Saw kit.


So I figured that I would add the hole saw to the list of must have equipment for the guitar builders shop. I picked up the one shown above at princess auto for a very reasonable price and it has turned out to be an excellent buy. It can be used for a number of tasks, but I find it particularly awesome for cutting the holes for mounting speakers on the small amps that I have built lately. This one has different sizes and comes with 12 cutting blades, which pretty much includes all the popular diameters for most speakers made. I have used them in my drill press and freehand with my cordless drill and have had great success either way. This is due in part to the guide drill bit which is surprisingly not included in other kits I have seen. So for the price this hole saw kit is a keeper.


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