Diamond Crown Amp

Just thought I would share my Diamond Crown Amp that I made this last weekend.

Diamond Crown Amp

I thought it would be a shame to chop this beautifully constructed cigar box  into a franken amp, so I figured out a way to keep it stock looking yet fully functional. As you can see the inside was what I did not want to destroy and showcase the beautiful logo.

Diamond Crown Amp 2

After much figuring, here is what I ended up with. The amp control knob had to be set at an angle so the cigar box lid would close.

Diamond Crown Amp 4

But all in all it has an awesome sound and is built in the spirit of the Rat Rod. Everyone gets a surprise when it is sitting on the coffee table and you flip it open, plug a guitar into it and start jamming. They just can’t believe the sound from such a small amp.


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