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I would like to introduce another addition to our family.

Winny is the sister of Sweet Pea and was the one who looked after her and made sure that she was safe and protected her from the other dogs at the puppy mill. After meeting her this last week and seeing the two together we felt that it would be a tragedy to split them up. So we decided that it was just meant to be and took her as well.

Because these dogs are older with health issues they have a very¬†difficult time being adopted. Don’t let this stop you from adopting an older rescue with some health problems, they are the most loving animals you will ever come across. They are just happy to have a cuddle here and there and a special treat blows their mind.

I can honestly say that these little ones have enriched my life more than anything else. It is so rewarding to see them play with their first toy, have a billy bone that is all their own, see snow for the first time and fall asleep in your arms not looking over their shoulder for other dogs or a mean master. The love and kisses these little ones give is unparalleled compared to dogs raised from puppies as they know what true hardship is and want to make the most of each day they have left. I look at my little girls and realize that is a pretty good outlook on life and always stop to hung them, kiss them, and spoil them with treats.

All I can say is that if you are considering getting a pet, please don’t disregard these rescue animals as they can be a very rewarding experience and in my opinion have way more love to give and will steal your heart for sure.

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