If you don’t already do it now is a good time to start Journaling.

I wrote this post for my audience at my Westfork Freedom website ( Westfork Freedom / Westfork Farm ) but realized it was equally relevant to my audience of artists and craftsmen who would also benefit from documenting their successes and trade secrets for future reference and as a way to pass on their knowledge to future generations.

I actually have several that I routinely make notes in. I started one last year for our gardening and permaculture projects. It has been of great help this spring when I decided to sit down and plan out what seeds I needed to start early and what could wait till the frost comes out of the ground. It has also given me a better idea of how much I will need too plant. A good example of this is our potato supply from last years harvest, which we just finished the last of this week. I will be for sure increasing the amount I plant this year to get us past February / March of next year. All good examples to make note of in your gardening journal so that when you sit down to plan your next crop you can easily let your last years experience and numbers make the decision for you.

Journals also help to track your successes and failures which make it easier to help others. You can readily look back at what worked for you and confidently give advice that will almost ensure success that will both save them time, money and headaches.

If writing in a journal is not convenient you can always take audio notes on your smartphone and use different app’s to transcribe them to text. It really doesn’t matter how you approach the task, just that you do it and get in the habit of routinely doing it. You will thank yourself later when you start a blog and need content or get asked to write a book about how you were successful at starting something or creating something, the content will already be there. It also will be a God send when you get older and more forgetful or want to pass your pearls of wisdom on to your grand kids. I have a small journal that my Grandfather used for wine making and it is like stepping back in time and getting advice from him every time I open it. Plus it has showed me some awesome old school ways of doing things that absolutely work and go against some standard modern day practices that would have steered me away from doing it the way our elders had done it.

Hopefully I have inspired everyone to pick up a note book and start recording the progress you make on any and all of your projects…….trust me it will pay off in spades further down the road.

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