Green Your Holidays

Green Your Holidays

Gift No matter who you are or where you live, chances are you’ll be celebrating during the holiday season. While this is a time of joy and family reunion, so many of us get wrapped up in buying gifts, planning and attending parties and events, or competing with our neighbors for the best holiday decorations. All the hustle and bustle can mean that we forget to consider our impact on the environment as we go about our holiday activities.

Let us help you plan an eco-friendly holiday season! Here are some simple ways you can make the season of celebration a celebration of the planet we all share:

  • Travel Green. Thanksgiving and Christmas are two of the most traveled days of the year. There are many simple steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and travel safely.  MORE>>
  • Eat Green. Just because it’s getting colder outside doesn’t mean fresh produce and meats aren’t available in your area. Check out some of our ideas for eating green – and local – this holiday season.  MORE>> 
  • Give Green. The greenest gifts are those that are durable and easy to repair, recycle, or reuse. You can also help your family and friends go green by making responsible purchase choices. Check out our ideas.  MORE>>
  • Party Green. If you’re throwing a holiday party, start by choosing more environmentally friendly decorations. Your guests will be surprised and you may convince someone to throw their own green holiday party next year!  MORE>>


Perhaps the most important tip is: don’t stop your green habits after the holidays. With a little creative thinking and some healthy changes of habit, you and your family can keep giving gifts to the planet all year long!

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