Squirrel Pyrography

First things first you will have to obtain a pattern. There is lots of free patterns online and I would do a google search for “Pyrography Patterns” of “Wood Burning patterns” and see what pops up. I have also had success with my local library, under the wood working section. They will be in with the scroll saw pattern books.

One word of caution when using patterns from online or books from the library is to be mindful of the copyright protections on most to all of these pictures. If the pattern is copy right protected then you should seek permission from the author to use it. Most times they will be ok with it if you are using it for personal use and do not plan to make multiple pieces of art from the original for resale.

With that out of the way, lets get started.

First you will need a piece of wood. You can have success with just about any type of wood, but when starting out I would suggest you start with a good grade of Basswood. I say this because other woods like pine and cedar are harder woods and thus will give you troubles with moving the burning tip through the wood at an even pace. Plus these other woods have more sap and knots to deal with and just doesn’t make for a good first experience. Most arts and craft stores like Michael’s have these Basswood blanks so getting a few would not be a problem.


Next you will want to sand the surface so that it is extra smooth and free from saw cut marks and blemishes.

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