Lovespoon Carving


Here is a picture of the Lovespoon Carving after all the needle file and sanding has been done. As I was filing I was thinking that for some of the work one could use a dremel rotary tool to speed up the process, but for some of the more intricate stuff I still prefer the old fashion method. Plus it feels like you are putting more of your soul into each piece of work.

I should also mention that at this point you can go for the chip carved look and not actually sand all surfaces smooth or you can make the surface look like rope, it really is up to you and you artistic license. That is what I love about small projects like this you really can make them one of creations driven by what inspirers you at that moment in time.


After I finished sanding and had wood burned a message on the back part of the spoon for the client it was time for some stain. I find these little devices pictured above to be indispensable when staining and oiling wood as you can do the entire piece and leave it to dry with no worries of marks or sticking to the drying surface.


Here they are in action.

For this particular piece I used Tung Oil to protect the wood and give it a finished look.

Hope these posts have given you some ideas and a place to start on some awesome projects of your own.


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