Parmak Charger Review


Surround ‘Em
Model EM-200

12 volt – Battery Operated – Small Acreage

Safe, effective, shock designed for animals that are sensitive to electric shock like horses, dogs and short haired animals. Approved by Leading Equestrians. Advanced Solid-State Circuitry Shocks through weeds & brush. Quick, and Easy Installation.

• Low Impedance advanced solid state circuitry
• Shocks through wet weeds & brush
• Built-in flashing operational light
• Weatherproof for outdoor installation
• 1.5 joules*
• 100% American made
• UL Listed
• Easy installation

I chose the parmak surround em charger because it was 12 volts and would handle small animals all the way up to horses. It was also weatherproof and could handle shocks through wet weeds and brush making it highly movable and terrain flexible.

I have had mine hooked up to a RV deep cycle battery for a month and the battery still reads good. So one will not have to worry about charging the battery often and could more then likely do a battery swap when you do a paddock shift.


I did have to buy a parmak electric fence tester as the higher voltage low impedance charge from the above unit was not readable with my multimeter.  The instructions warn you that you could damage your multimeter if you try and measure the fences voltage.


9 wire

  • 36″ (.90m) high
  • 165′ (50m) in length
  • 14 posts
  • 11.8″ (30cm) vertical space
  • Stiff, but melleable wire


I hooked the charger up to a multi strand electric fence mesh made to protect smaller animals like ducks and geese. I have found it perfect for protecting our raised planter beds, as it keeps out gophers, rabbits and so far even deer. The charger is a little over kill for 165 feet of fence as it is good for 5 miles of fence, but it just means that the full output can be measured anywhere on the fence and I imagine that is why it has been successful in keeping the deer out. Plus it gives me the option to expand my fence to any format that I might find necessary going forward.

These products have worked well for me and seem to be extremely well built. I for sure give them a thumbs up and would recommend them for anyone with a small acreage that wants to protect your garden or small livestock from pests and predators.

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