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energizer Fence

Finally got my electric fence around our raised planter beds this last weekend. We were starting to have problems with wild cats digging up stuff and of course our family of deer figured that it was a good source of fresh salad.

I went with the above 165 feet of pre-configured fence that came as a kit. It is good for all small rodents and predators as well as it sits level with the ground and the grid squares are small enough that anything that tries to get through will get poked. I went with a 12 Volt fence energizer as I wanted it to be highly portable and I had a couple solar panels kicking around that I can use to charge the battery with for unattended operation. I mounted the energizer to an RV deep cycle battery box with an on / off switch to easily switch the system off to enter the garden area when necessary. It was easy to install and can be moved around as necessary with very little hassle.

I will write a proper evaluation of these products once they have been in service for a period of time and I have determined whether it has made a difference or not.

Stay tuned…………

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