Samick Sage Recurve Bow


Just thought I would do a product review on the Samick Sage recurve bow.

I picked one up about a month ago and have used it a lot on my home target range. So far I am very impressed with the bows performance. It is very quite and has a nice balanced feel to it. I chose a 55# draw as I was not sure if I would be hunting deer with this in the future and wanted to error on the side of caution. The only draw back to this was that you for sure need a recurve bow stringer to set it up safely. Also it is pretty tough to hold your aim for any length of time, so I have found myself getting better at drawing back the bow and shooting right away.

The bow is very versatile as it is a take down bow and can be easily put into your back pack. You can also buy separate limbs ranging from 25# to 65#, which could come in handy if you just want to practice shoot longer with say the 25# limbs. The bow is also set up to add extra accessories such as a quiver, peep sights and stabilizers.

I have had a lot of fun shooting this bow and for the price you really can’t get anything with this high of quality and performance for anything less. I would recommend this bow to anyone starting out, but would advise you try out the various draw weights and find one that you are comfortable fully drawing back.  This way you will be able to enjoy the bow for longer periods of time, which will make you want to shoot more and thus make you a better archer. After you get proficient at the lower draw weights you can buy different limbs and move up to a hunting weight and you will be well on your way to bagging your first deer with a bow.

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