Trade Secrets


All of the first few books that I will be covering are ones that I find myself picking up and using almost daily.

So continuing down this road it was obvious to list this set of books volume one & two as my next choice. This month’s choice is a set of two reference books that are put out by Stewart-MacDonald guitar supply shop and are called “Trade Secrets”.

The books are basically all the tips and tricks that Stew-Mac puts in their monthly newsletter and supply catalogues from the past 20 years. So it is very convenient how they gathered all of their best tips and tricks into one place. It offers countless examples on how to make almost everything that you will need to repair or construct almost any type of stringed instrument.

When I am not building or repairing instruments for clients I flip through these books at my leisure and pick a tool or jig that I figure might come in handy for my next build. This always keeps me busy along with expanding my set of tools, and undoubtedly has saved me many hours and increased my efficiency on many of my clients projects. So once again I highly recommend these two books and know that they will not disappoint and will also provide you with many hours of constructive projects that will further your business and hone your Luthier skills as well.

Feel free to leave a comment about the books and maybe let others know what your favorite tip or trick was.


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