Guitar Making: Tradition and Technology


“Guitar Making: Tradition and Technology”  by William R. Cumpiano and Jonathon D. Natelson

I would consider this book one of the single most important books on my book shelf. It’s probably not a book that you would sit down and read cover to cover, but as a reference book it is indispensable.

It covers everything and I mean everything. I built a great number of jigs and tools from examples and photos throughout this book. There is tonnes of pictures demonstrating every phase of a guitar build. Their explanations are clear and concise as well.

In fact this book does not reside on my book shelf it has a permanent spot on my workbench. I truly can’t say enough about what a great resource this book will make to any and all future Luthiers.

If you have troubles finding a copy or would like to help support this blog there are copies available through the Amazon affiliate link on the side bar of this site.

Please feel free to leave your thoughts about the book in either the forum or comments section. I would love to see if others feel the same about this book and if it indeed helped you out.

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