The Guitar Player Repair Guide

I started to compile a list of books that I thought would interest my subscribers and didn’t realize how many I have and actually use daily. So it was hard to just pick one this month.

This month’s book is ‘The Guitar Player Repair Guide’.


The reason I picked this book is that I do refer to it often and believe that it is a great source of information for the starting guitar builder / repair technician. It also came with a DVD that had a lot of great resources for starting a guitar repair shop.

Dan Erlewine in this book really explains processes very well and is an excellent resource for information. Even though he works for Stew-Mac he never pushes there products and always shows ways you can build the specialty jigs and tools yourself. It also has lots of clear pictures that show each process and the step by step instructions are spot on.

Another reason I picked this over some other awesome guitar building books to start out with is that I believe that one should play around with fixing small issues on electric and acoustic guitars first before endeavouring a complete build. I am not saying you shouldn’t try but I do believe you will have better success with you first build and that will only make you feel more confident and more addicted to building guitars. Where as if your first build is rot with problems and issues it might just be enough to put you off the endeavour completely never to build another again.

What I like about the book is if you’re not handy with tools, Dan has a use the ‘Basics’ section to keep your guitar out of the repair shop and playing its best. It you are a DIYer, then the book shows you how to do both simple and advanced repairs. If you are the builder and want to go further into guitar repair, the ”Deep” sections are for you. It literally covers everything from adjustments, electrical re-wiring to applying awesome finishes and body work.

I give this book a huge thumbs up and recommend it for everyone’s shop book shelf. If you don’t have it and plan to pick one up you can use the amazon link on the side bar of my site to find a copy for less then you can buy it from Stew-Mac directly. This not only saves you money, but also helps to support this site and keep quality content and reviews like this coming.



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