Fly tying

It is my hope that through showing some examples of what can be done with flies, other artists might see the beauty in them and give it a try. You don’t have to be a fisherman to enjoy this hobby and many other fisherman will appreciate you for it.

I fly fish myself, but realized the lack of good quality art in this field to adorn peoples cabins, man caves and offices. Which is what propelled me past trying to produce the perfect fly for the catch and move it into our everyday spaces.


This little project falls into what do you get the fly fisherman who has everything. These are attractive display / gift boxes that would go nice on any fisherman’s home or office desk.┬áThe imagines are┬áburned into the surface adding a uniqueness to the box and the flies are mounted to a real branch adding that touch of realism.

The scenes you can create and the types of flies you can use are almost limitless adding that custom one of aspect that some customers enjoy / require as well.

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