Knife project

pearl inlay

Pearl handle inlays

This was a neat little project that stemmed from my guitar inlay work. A friend wanted to personalize a backwoods knife that he had picked up. He didn’t want anything fancy, as it was going to be a daily use knife. I decided to accent the walnut scales with strips of pearl on each side. It’s not fancy but the light catches the pearl and gives the handle a real distinctive look.

This got me to thinking about other things I could do with knife scales. One project I am going to try over the winter months is a tapping process used to inlay silver wire into the knife scales. I have seen other craftsman’s work and it is simply awesome. One good example is a sword handle that was done for the movie ” Lord of the Rings”.

I will post my thoughts and tips on this process when I start that project. Hope everyone has a great day and happy crafting.

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