The other day I was looking through the surplus section of a local hardware store and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw these Footnote amplifier board assemblies.

I figured at the very least I could part them out for the control knobs and input jackets. Then I realized they are fully intact working units that only need a 9 volt power supply and a speaker.

I realize that they are to big for a cigar box amp, but got to thinking that they would make a perfect drop in assembly for a home-made stomp box.

So stay tuned to see what these surplus Footnote board assemblies end up becoming, it’s going to be exciting.

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Acid Amp 2

Well I finally got a chance to finish wiring the Acid Amp build. It turned out great and sounds amazing.

With these amps, I like the fact that they can be sitting on your coffee table or bar top and nobody suspects that they are nothing more than a box of cigars. Then you flip it open and plug in your favourite cigar box guitar and start jamming, it blows them away every time.

Hopefully this build has inspired you to take those cigar boxes that are not suited for guitar bodies and re-purpose them into a really cool Amp.

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Flor Fina Amp 4

Here she is in all her glory.

I have been test driving it with several of my cigar box guitars and the sound is so amazing that I think I just might have to keep this one for myself.

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Flor Fina Amp 3

Next I made the insert that will hold the speaker and the controls.

This was from some Birch panelling I had lying around.

Here is a shot before I solder everything together.

Here is a shot of the speaker installed and its ready for its new home.

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Flor Fina Amp 2

I felt this cigar box was just to beautiful to cut speaker holes in and wanted to keep its original parlour look, so I knew I needed to mount everything inside.

So my first order of business was to figure out how I was going to support the speaker and control board assembly inside the box.

I decided to use corner mouldings from another project.

Just remember to cut them short enough to allow room for the lid to close over the volume and tone control knobs.



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Flor Fina Amp

I came across a really nice cigar box that was just to small to turn into a guitar, so it made perfect sense to create a Flor Fina Amp build.

Not only is the outside nice looking the inside is very unique as well.

This should make for an awesome little amp……..stay tuned.

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Acid Amp

“Acid Amp” already sounds like a super cool build.

Here is a pic of the antique brass corners I custom fit to the lid of the amp.

Next I needed to add inside corner supports that will hold the instrument panel in place.

Stay tuned…….this is going to be a very cool amp build.


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Log and Siding Stain

I figured some of you  might be doing more outside chores during the summer month’s so figured this would be appropriate.

Which brings me to my latest project of staining our deck chairs. I had used what I thought was a good stain last year only to have it flake and fade in less then a season. So I decide to do some research and found an awesome log and siding stain that I figured that I would pass on to the rest of you.

It is made by Sikkens and is the “Cetol” Log & Siding line of products. At the end of last season I did use some on my garden shed and it has weathered well through winter and still looks like the day I put it on.

So until I find a better product Sikkens Cetol Log & Siding stain will be my go to stain of choice around our property.

This stain also works well on other wood working projects like bird houses and carved wood welcome signs to name a few.

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Scrap wood

When building a guitar or any project for that matter I set aside each piece of scrap wood until the project is done. I also gather up the sanding material dust to use as a filler should the need arise. (As seen below )

One reason this topic came to mind was after I made a mistake with my table saw and cut to deep damaging the first fret position of my guitar neck. I at first panicked that I just wrecked what would have been a really cool guitar neck. Then once I calmed down and got to thinking I realized that I had saved the original piece that I had cut from the head stock and that the grain would be a match to splice into the damaged fret.

Above is a couple pictures of the splice I had to install. It wasn’t an exact match but close enough given the circumstance.

After a bunch of sanding and fret leveling the gouged fret surface looks not to bad and is completely serviceable. If I hadn’t kept the scrap wood from this particular build I would have had to toss the neck and start over.




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Cutting Fret Slots

Just thought I would pass on this tip on cutting fret slots.

The above picture shows what happens when you pull your fret saw up and out of your cut. The teeth will grab the edge of the top of the slot and chip out some material. This leads to extra work having to fill these chipped out areas before you can start your fretting job.

Most guitar fret boards are made with hard wood species such as ebony. These are very hard to cut and prone to chipping out. Because of these characteristics I make sure I use a super sharp fretting saw with an attached depth guide. I also highly recommend you use a mite box to make each cut. I use regular sawing motion to cut the fret slot, but when it is to the correct depth I slide the saw out of the freshly cut slot and call it done. I never simply lift the saw out of the freshly cut slot. If you do it will result in the first picture above with little chip out spots where the teeth of the saw grabbed material on its way out.

If you approach cutting fret slots in this way you will get nice clean cuts and you fretting experience will be much more enjoyable.


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